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Rainbow Day Extra Box (300mm) x 8 Packs
Rainbow Day Extra Box (300mm) x 8 Packs

4 Pads x 8 Easy-Carry Packs | 300mm of Coverage

Need some extra coverage when you’re on the go? Rainbow Day Extra pads have got you covered.

We think you need the Rainbow Day Extra Box!

Every Rainbow Day Extra Box comes with 8 easy-carry packs and each easy-carry pack contains 4 Rainbow Day Extra pads - that’s a total of 32 pads!

Not only that, it also comes with Rainbow-Inspired Gifts:
- Chocolate
- Candy
- Rainbow Face Mask
- Rainbow Color Pencil
- Rainbow Eraser
- Postcard
- RM20 Gift Voucher

With our rainbow-inspired Easy-Carry Packs, you don’t ever have to hide or feel shy about being on your period. They are small enough to fit into your pocket, purse, gym bag and suitcase, and cute enough to put you in a good mood!

Why women love Rainbow Girl sanitary pads!

  • 1mm Ultra Thin
  • Skin-Friendly 3D Surface
  • Smooth-Flow Diamond Texture
  • Easy-Carry Packs
  • Ultra Breathable Micro Holes
  • 50x Super Absorbency
  • Tested & Proven For Safety & Quality
RM 39.00
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